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The third party inspection institution: some suggestions for the development of the third party inspection institutions in China

編輯于: 2018-08-27

It is the general trend to develop the third-party inspection institutions in China. According to the current situation, the author has the following suggestions on how to achieve faster and better development.

(1) The state should encourage technical institutions of different forms of ownership to participate in the market competition on an equal footing in policy, and constantly improve the management and supervision system of the third party inspection institutions in law and regulations.

(2) efforts should be made to improve and enhance the brand awareness and social responsibility of the third party inspection institutions. We should strengthen and promote the development of third-party inspection institutions towards internationalization, scale and branding, and constantly enhance market competitiveness.

(3) Third-party inspection institutions should constantly strengthen cooperation with enterprises, participate in international exchanges and speed up the renewal of technical standards; digest and make better use of more advanced foreign standards and international standards, strive to transform them into relevant testing technical standards suitable for China, and even further innovate testing methods and establish technical standards in China. Yes.

(4) to maintain independence and impartiality, it becomes the real third party.

(5) attracting talents, training talents and retaining talents. As the testing technical personnel is an important factor to form the core competitiveness of the third-party inspection institutions, the managers of the third-party inspection institutions need to consider more strategically how to attract better talents, how to train talents according to the requirements of the development of the institutions, how to retain talents with treatment and feelings, so as to better serve the needs of the third-party inspection institutions. Testing service.

(6) we should strengthen the exchange of testing technology and laboratory comparison. Laboratory comparison is an important way to ensure the testing ability of the third party testing laboratories to reach the level of the industry.

(7) we should enhance our sense of service and provide technical support for the development of enterprises. Under the conditions of a fully competitive market economy and a buyer's market, the third-party inspection institutions in China should constantly enhance their sense of service and market sensitivity. Firstly, it is necessary to strengthen the relationship with enterprises and help them to make some technological renovations and improvements which are hard for them to do. Secondly, it is necessary to adhere to the third-party principle, cherish their professional ethics, maintain and enhance social credibility, and achieve authority, professionalism and objective justice.

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