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(ShenZhen)LiRen Quality Management Service Co.,Ltd, as a third party with professional, fair, just and faithful attitude, can provide a series of services inlcuding factory audit, sample inspection, in-process quality control, pre-shipment inspection, container loading monitoring and etc, to ensure qualified products you are purchasing. 

About Us

(ShenZhen)LiRen Quality Management Service Co.,Ltd is a third-party inspection company who can provide professional factory audit, inspection service and container loading monitor, with headquarter in Shenzhen. We are dedicated to provide you justice, professional, scientific, precise and efficient service, with product evaluation, quality assurance and factory audit. Our experienced engineering inspection and audit team, service network covering most part of China, considerate consulting service, and 24 hours delivering report will help you make the right choice of qualified produts, and provide best quality assurance of your buiness. 

Inspector will inspect the product quality and quantity according to customer's purchase order and quality requirement, to make sure correct quantity and qualified products are loaded. Inspector will monitor the whole loading process, to make sure the container is in good condition and loading quantity and method is correct. We also provide various products factory audit, initial production inspection,in-line production inspection, pre-shipping inspection and container loading monitor or customerized services. We arrange  professional representatives to inspect, and email the inspection report to customer on time, to let customer know the inspection result in the first time. 

Inspection products include,home appliance, speaker, earphone, TV, CAR products, lighting, electronic tools, computer, telecommunication equipment, toys, kitchen and bathrooms, bathe goods, equipment and machinery products. 


We will be the eyes at the factory, based on the principle of mutual trust and servicing attitude, ensure qualifed product delivered to customers all over the world. 

Service Concept 
'1,Rely on our excellent enterprise sprit and constantly strive for perfection, we are dedicated to provide customer with reliable products and quality assurance. 
2,Our company's principle is justice, honest, integrity, scientific and precise. 
3, Honest and justic attitude, professional inspector. 
4, Focusing on customer's need and flexible operation. 
5, Reduce the expenses of customer doing inspection on their own. 
6, Sufficient testing equipment and perfect after-service. 
7,Thanks to customer's trust and we will continue to provide good services. 
8,We believe excellent service, efficient and cost-saving operation will earn customer's trust. 
9,Integrity and honest is the attitude of all of our staff, we strictly request every staff keep high virture in working and living. 
10,Our company sincerely invite talents with good virture and passion to grow with the company together, 
Our company belongs to every staff. 
Code of practice 
LRQMS is dedicatd to reducing customer's risk and protect customer's interest, through scientific and strict quality control inspection.The inspection is conducted based on following principles, 
Unique and justis
Our inspection is not subjected to any outside commercial,  financial or other impact any time. All of our staff will inspect with the correct inspection method, inspection result will not be impacted for any personal reasons. All inspectors will not directly or indirectly purcase suppliers, customers or competitors' interest. We will avoid interest conflict and dispute in commercial trade. 
Honest and intergrity
LRQMS regards the success to business is justis and honest, we comply with following principles, 
All LRQMS inspectors are not allowed to ask or accept bribe in any means, including but not limited to gift, property and etc, otherwise will be dismissed. 
All staff should report bribe in any means. As an unique third-party inspection company, we believe trust, honest and integrity is the most important property of the company, we request every staff to comply with. 
Professional and precise. 
The inspection should be conducted according to international inspection standard and customer's specific requirement. 
Our staff will not disclose any informaton to any third part, including customer list, contract details and any data. We carry out inspection work carefully and professional, to every detail of customer's need. 
Laws and regulations.
We comply with local laws and regulations in district or countries. 
Servicing network 
- Tianjin
- Guangdong province, Shenzhen, Shantou, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhanjiang, Foshan, Jiangmen(Heshan, Taishan, Kaiping, Enping), Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Qingyuan, Shantou , Heyuan, Mezhou, Chaozhou, Yangjiang and Jieyang. 
- Fujian Province, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou. 
- Zhejiang Province, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Shaoxing, Taizhou. 
- Jiangsu province, Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Changzhou, Nantong.
- Anhui Province, Hefei
- Shandong Province, Qingdao and Jinan. 
- Beijing
- Liaoning province, Dalian, Shenyang, Yingkou
- Henan Province, Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo
- Hubei Province, Wuhan
- Hunan Province, Changsha, Zhuzhou
- Shanxi Province, Yuncheng, Taiyuan
- Shanxi province, Xi'an
- Sichuan Province, Chengdou
- Chongqing 
Our experienced inspector
- With over 15 years experience in quality control
- Various products include electronic, home appliance, electronic tools, lighting, electronic equipment, plastic and metal products, toys, SS cookwares, ceramics =, glasswares, 
  printing products, indoor and outdoor futnitures, textile, and groceries. 
-Keep frequent communication with inspector and organize training to make inspectors know the latest international standar and inspection method. 
-Justis, scientific, strict and integrity are our working principles. 
Why choose us
Effective quality control is the key to success, LRQMS can provide you
- -Reduce the risk of unqualified products. 
- -Make sure contract be fullfiled in specification, packaging, labeling and delivery. 
- -Reduce the risk of receiving defective products. 
Our service can save you time and cost of your business.
As a unique third-party inspection service company, LRQMS believe honest, integrity and justic is the most important property of the company, we are proud of our staff's good virture. 
LRQMS make your business more reliable and save your time and cost. 
Our quality control and engineering team offer you excellent service, with the lowest expenese to achieve the best quality assurance, ensuring your products comply with laws and regulations of the importing countries. 
Online booking inspection and audit service, you can receive report within one day.